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Our workshop aim to achieve personal and professional development to lead a stress free and joyous lives.  

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For teachers, corporate, individuals and researchers of all levels in the areas of human development. Available to individuals, institutions and corporate in both the formats. On-premise and Online.

Key features

1- or 2-day workshop 25-30 participants in each workshop 1-to-1 interaction with coach/trainers etc and an opportunity for abstract review

skills gained

Develop thinking skills, creative skills and confidence — 99% feel "more confident in their profession after the workshop" Understand cognitive processes and harness the power of thinking Learn best practices.

Open to public program June & July 2020

21st C, Pedagogical Skills 15th & 16th June, 2020. Time : 5.00 PM to 7.00 PM (IST)

The Art of Mind Mapping, 17th June,2020. Time : 5.00 PM to 7.00PM ( IST )

Art of Story Telling for teachers. 19th June, 2020. time : 5.00 PM to 7.00PM ( IST )

Rs.1000/- Per Delegate

Rs.1000/- Per Delegate

Rs.1000/- Per Delegate

Become a Digital Teacher, 15th to 19th June, 2020. Time : 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM ( IST )

Fostering Creativity through Online Teaching. 27th & 28th June, 2020. Time : 5.00 PM to 7.00 PM

Rs.3000/- Per Delegate

Rs.1000/- Per Delegate


The program is delivered by two trainers from Pipaltree to offer participants first-hand insight into the respective program topics.

Participants have the chance to ask questions and interact one-to-one with the trainers.

There is also an opportunity for the participants to bring their own draft abstract to discuss with the trainers.

"This was an excellent workshop and I would definitely recommend it... The opportunity to go through my abstract with the trainers was fantastic."

Nursing student, NIMHANS Bangalore

highly interactive & practical

Short lectures from the trainers are interspersed with practical exercises, group discussions, group activities and Q&A with the trainers.

Best practices are discussed using real examples for real learning.


"Content was excellent and well thought out. Mixture of 1-2-1 sessions, practical, and taught sessions worked very well."

Senior, IT Professional, Bangalore

Agendas: One- and two-day training

Online courses

two days agenda specific

one day agenda specific

Tailored to each institution

Institutions can choose to host a one-day or two-day workshop focused on need of intervention. Agenda topics can be swapped around and timings adjusted to spend more or less time on particular topics.


We recommend a maximum of 30 participants per workshop. To train a greater number of participants, institutions can host two one-day workshops or inquire about a seminar-style workshop for up to 100 participants.

To train new cohorts of participants, institutions can request a series of workshops spread throughout one year or over two to three years, granting a multi-workshop discount.


Every participants receives a handout pack containing a workbook, notepad, and pen. The workbook is customized for each workshop and branded with the host institution's logo.

Every institution receives a post-workshop wrap-up report containing feedback from their participants — collected via a questionnaire at the end of the workshop.

Subject area

Our workshops can cater for participants with mixed subject areas or be tailored by subject area. Trainers can be matched as closely as possible so that participants hear from trainers in their discipline. The trainers also use discipline-relevant examples throughout the workshop.

Examples of previous subject-tailored workshops:

Corporate :

Thinking differently, Creativity, Neuroselling.


Assessment & Evaluation, Critical thinking & problem solving, PTM-Management, Classroom management, Social Emotional Learning, Annual workshops, The art of story telling, Multiple Intelligence, 4C's of 21st Century, Neuro teaching, Technical aspects of teaching, Planning for instruction, Mentorship, Teachers Assessment

If your objectives are - we will be of your support

Improve the quality of your organisation’s output to grow your impact in the field

Equip your associates with the skills and knowledge to support their career and professional development

Participants  with greater professional experience can aim higher with their training, knowledge, experience and talent.

participants feedback

1 %

felt ‘there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions’

1 %

rated as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’

1 %

agreed ‘I will be able to apply what I have learnt to my work’