Short Course on Brain-based teaching ( Foundation) for K-10 Teachers with CPD Certificate


Amygdala Hijack


Self Regulation & Learning

Self-regulated learning is crucial for high-ability students. This is because it helps them as they strive for excellence. Achieving excellence requires practice. As a teacher, this takes planning, effort, and persistence over time to bring self regulation in students.


Structure before Function


To ignite brain, we must understand the brain

Teaching about the interconnections among the brain, the body, and how we learn will provide students with important scientific knowledge, which could improve their academic performance, vocabulary and physical health.


Orchids & Dandelion


It's easy to teach some children, some its not

Based on groundbreaking research that has the power to change the lives of countless children. New findings reveal the complex interplay of genetic variation that links to how students learn and factors that creates “dandelion” and “orchid” kids. 


Neuroplasticity & Learning


Brain does not mature at the same rate in each individual

It is the understanding that experiences are able to change our brains, and that our brain’s structure and capacity are not fixed. We shouldn’t label children as slow learner or quick learners. It is essential to remember that learning is a function of memory and creating the neural pathways.


Social Brain


Link between collective cognition and individual cognition

Without the motivation and information provided by the social brain, learning just doesn’t take off in the same way that it does when the social brain is engaged. There’s something about being in the the presence of another human being.


Social Emotional Learning


Cope with everyday challenges and benefit academically, and socially

Implementing SEL curriculum in the classrooms as early as preschool and continuing throughout high school can increase students’ academic performance, prevent risky behaviors with the development of appropriate decision-making skills, and improve students’ attitudes and beliefs about self and others.


Sleep, Exercise & Diet


Learn the role of sleep , Exercise and Diet in great learning

Diet, exercise, and sleep all contribute to a healthy life. As a student it is even more important to give importance to al these three elements. We explore the relationships between these important lifestyle factors.




Use a proven brain-based methods to create content to appeal to the system 1 thinking rather than system 2 thinking


Saftey, Satisfaction & Synapse


A powerful teaching and learning instructional framework that organises the indicators of powerful teaching and learning into an understandable construct

Engage & Grow

At our short course training, we share with you the latest research in neural, cognitive, and learning science, and how it can be applied to the classroom to enhance student learning. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Improve educational outcomes for all students by tapping into the brain’s natural ability to learn and grow
  2. Empower individual students to reach their full potential by understanding how the brain processes information and how to optimize learning conditions
  3. Integrate research-based brain science into your teaching, such as the use of metacognition and self-regulated learning strategies
  4. Use non-disruptive methodologies, such as neuro-teaching, to manage the classroom and help students’ brains settle in, focus, and engage
  5. Emphasize social and emotional practices for children, which have been shown to promote brain development and well-being.

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Brain-based teaching ( foundation course) June 2023 – Live VIRTUAL
05/06/2023 – 09/06/2023 Time 04.30 PM to 8.30 PM Mon-Fri
Admission : Rs.9,990/-

Learn how to enhance your classroom through brain-aligned strategies.

Virtual on Google Meet

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Rs.8,000/ – Early bird registration before May 20, 2023.

Rs.9,990/- Regular registration after May 20th, 2023

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35 hours of CPD are available as part of the training program.

For online learning, please ensure you have a good laptop / Ipad / Tab / Big screen mobile phone with front-end camera.  Ensure you have good ear phones and Mic to interact with facilitator and other learners. T&C applies.