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Higher Education services

Since 2010, pipaltree has been delivering industry ready programs in Higher Education segment. Our aim is to bridge the chasm and enrich every individuals opportunities with superior experience.

Career decisions

In making career decisions, the work you choose to pursue will have a direct impact on the way you live your life. Remember, making the right career decision can be both a challenging and rewarding process. Be patient with yourself.  

We can guide you to the best career decisions based on your underlying preferential strength.

Career decision

we use prism career explorer - what is it ?

Identify accurately and comprehensively your natural strengths, interests, and work preferences

The most important step in the career exploration process is gaining or enhancing self-awareness. The better you know yourself the more likely you will be to make good career decisions and feel confident about the direction you’re moving towards.

Why is this important?

The ultimate goal in choosing a career is to find one that is consistent with your skills, values, interests, work aptitudes and behavioural strengths . These traits are not always easy to identify, but PRISM Career Explorer can generate a written report which helps you build a comprehensive and accurate picture of yourself. The report can be invaluable to you later when writing resumés and CVs.

Finishing School

grooming the individual with not just soft skills but professional skills to cross over the chasm of academics and industry requirement.

From Executive Presence to Netiquette, our corporate etiquette training offers your participants an engaging and customized content.

A few business topics that is covered are

Networking, Working the Room, Exchanging Business Cards, Professional Attire, Work space Etiquette, Interview Etiquette, Thank you notes & Professional Correspondence, Email Etiquette, Social Media in the Business World, Netiquette, Cell Phones, Handling Difficult Situations and more!

Key job skills

Key job skills is a pathbreaking employment initiative envisioned to enable jobs.

At Key job skills, through its network of business associates across India, sourcing happens from the remotest parts of the country. KJS comes with the ready database of candidates, ensuring dynamic and continuous supply of undergraduates, graduates and professionals across profiles and cities in no time.

KJS can provide the ´right fit´ candidate, whether they are screened, assessed or certified based on your needs and be a one-stop talent resource for you.

Time is money

KJS employment framework powered by technology platforms and job-skill research, helps classify the candidates into various skill proficiency categories. This is done so to save time in selecting the right candidate resumes by lowering hiring costs, reducing recruitment cycle. The scientifically matched candidate-job solutions results in increased workforce productivity and decreased attrition rates.

KJS offers 3 types of candidates – screened, assessed, certified across 4 engagement models – trainee, temporary & permanent staff.


Screened: A candidate is screened on basic qualification, experience and demographic details such as age, gender, location preferences.

Assessed: A neuroscience based behavioural assessment to check for career suitability and a sector specific assessment to gauge his/her capability listing strength, weakness and interests.

Certified: Competency standards set by experts and industry endorsements certify the candidate in line with job descriptions. Certified candidates bring in ready-made skills and productivity levels.


Playing a key role as a nucleus to the whole eligibility and employment process, KJS has a strategic edge here. It helps in determining job scopes, redefining job profiles with time, apart from fulfilling evolving new job needs plus much more.