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Become a Chapter Partner at Brainraft. A Pipaltree company.

We have awesome opportunities to create Entrepreneurs, who in turn can become the influencers in Education segment across India. Join us! support us! let’s make it happen.

Who is a Chapter Partner?

The Chapter Partner is a person who has considerable contacts with K-12 & Higher Educational Institutions in a particular city on behalf of Brainraft. The Chapter Director leads the entire Chapter of Brainraft, helps us in developing the Brainraft business in the chapter of the region.

Who can become a Chapter Partner?

Any Entrepreneur, Working Professional, Teacher, Career counsellor, Employee of a School or Corporate associate can become a Chapter Partner in full-time or part-time depending upon their availability.

You can be located in any part of the Country. And work remotely.

What are the benefits to the Chapter Partner?

Great respect and reputation in the region as this is the highest leadership position for the Chapter.
It is a well-compensated role. The Chapter Partner gets income.
Excellent opportunity to grow the individual business along with the position.
Constant learning and support.
Grow with the fastest growing company.

What are the mandatory requirements to be fulfilled by the Chapter Partner?

A Chapter Partner should meet the following requirements at the time of application:

Good communication skills in English and any one regional/national language of the region.
Should be active on social media.
Should be willing to lead a community of Edupreneurs.
Should be willing to devote 15-20 hours in a week.
Should be ready to host video conference and webinars.
Should be well connected in the region with School Owners / Management & Principals at least 50 working connects directly.

What is the time commitment by a Chapter Partner?

The Chapter Partner role is an engaging business role that will keep you busy. You will enjoy this role every moment if you are passionate about Education. Following are the specific requirements:

The Chapter Partner must be available to lead the meetups and manage their own WhatsApp Groups.
The Chapter Partner should be able to allocate time for meeting the potential clients who would be school owners / Correspondent or Principals.
The Chapter Partner should be able to find time for the conference call with the Regional Director and other Chapter Directors at Brainraft at least once in a week.

What is the process of the Chapter Partner appointment?

Chapter Partners are appointed by the Regional Director of the region. Please follow the following steps:

  • Create a WhatsApp Community of 25+ Decision makers in K-12 Segment & Higher Education seperately. 
  • This community should be on the basis of interest or location or education or any common topic among all the members. 
  • You can make a community of group like “K-10 Principals” or for a location like “ K-10 Principals Bangalore”.
  • Create a WhatsApp Community of 25+ people Ed Tech companies interested to Sponsor Educational Events.

Apply for the Chapter Partnership.
Our Regional Director will contact you and shall guide you with the simple joining process.

What is the average earning of a Chapter Partner from Brainraft?
You may expect to earn between Rs.50000-Rs.100000/- from a metro cities in India whereas it can be between Rs.30000-40000 for a region in non metro cities.  However, if you are super performer the revenues can be three times of the figures quoted.

Is there any fee for Chapter Partner?
There’s one memberships models:

Free Membership: Joining is absolutely free.  Subject to fulfilling the required criteria for the position.  You will get 30% income sharing with the Regional Director for your work as a free member.

# Good Communication skills
# Active on Social Media
# Able to spare 12-18 hours a week
# Interested to explore new contacts
# Leadership Quality

for further details about  profile please WhatsApp : 9243410015