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Our training’s are dedicated to helping individuals, teams, leaders organisations to thrive, flourish and achieve. We combine the relevant experience of necessary skills together with our understanding of the principals of human behaviour to deliver practical tools, techniques and solutions. We aim to help you to succeed at work, rest and live a joyful life. It is all about behaviour and resilience.

Our Aim: An Enriched and healthy individual, leader, team or workforce

Your Outcome: Vitality, Engagement and Contentment in what you do!

PRISM Brain Mapping

PRISM Brain Mapping™ is a comprehensive neuroscience based development tool that is currently used by some of the world’s leading organisations for their staff development and originates from the UK. The PRISM questionnaire helps people to develop their self-awareness and identify their preferred ways of communicating and behaving, knowledge that will improve personal relationships and work performance. We have fully trained PRISM Practitioners within our team and we are also the only training organisation that uses PRISM extensively in Education segment to harness the power of teaching and learning.

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Need to train your team?

We want to ensure your team is moving in line with the vision and objectives of the business. All our solutions are evidence based and we use psychometric, psychology and neuroscience extensively to create solutions. 

Our trainers are PRISM Brain Map Practitioners which is an International Certification Program. PRISM Brain Map uses the latest neuro-scientific research and how it links graphically to brain activity. Based on the deeper insight to that we have an access to harness the power of Brain.  Pipaltree thus has developed modules in a neuro-scientific way that meets the Personal and Professional objectives.

We offer flexible, cost-effective group memberships for your business, school, college or non-government organization. Contact us to learn more.

Why should you consider our training programs?

A fundamental part of our training programs are research based content and supported by Neuroscience tools and techniques. Pipaltree ceritification training has proven to be of significant value for people engaged in Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Operations, Teachers, Educators, Lectureres, Professors, Trainers, Creative Industry etc.,


What’s in it for you as an individual?

What’s in it for you as a business?

Understand our own behaviourial preference
Develop new skills
Keep your skills competitive
Gain a thorough understanding of behaviroul preference using neuro skills
Refresh your knowledge
Boost your career
Be recognized for your expertise

Increase your visibility
Gain a competitive advantage
Meet & Set new industry benchmarks
Improve customer support
Build credibility and confidence
Save costs by engaging outcome based training
Enjoy the reputation of being a Pipaltree certified business partner

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online workshop

minimize your travel

Online training can cost less due to a variety of reasons. For example, there is no cost for commuting. Assorted costs that are related to transport, such as fuel, parking, car maintenance, and public transportation costs don't affect the online student.

flexible schedule

Traineess have the freedom to juggle their careers and school because they aren't tied down to a fixed schedule. In a traditional classroom setting, class meeting times are set, and the trainee has no power over this, forcing them to work their schedules around these dates. Most people who choose online learning tend to have other commitments, and prefer this mode of learning as it gives them power over how they will delegate their time towards their different projects.


participants can replay the recorded version in case they missed out on any points. Further,Trainees in traditional set-up may not get the personalized attention they need to have concepts clarified. This is not a problem for this type of education because online guided discussions and personal talk time with their trainers or educators is a hallmark of online classes.


online programs are also certified and participants can avail after due assessment

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