Five days course

Neuroscience & Human Behavior BASIC & ADVANCE course

Educators training in association with Neural Education, Seattle, USA.
Neuroscience in Business

We deliver a bespoke service that is strategy and goal aligned. We ensure your team is moving in line with the vision, values & and objectives of the business under the neural lens.

Neuroscience in School

We are here to understand, identify and overcome all the challenges that are stopping you from achieving your full potential as an Educator. Let us help you to make teaching a joyful experience!

Neural Workshops

Success in the 21st Century requires individuals with a skill set that combines technical expertise with soft or personal skills. We have proven track record to develop an individuals introducing the concepts of Neuroscience.

Basic Course

In this one-week immersive course, a framework and foundation in evidence-based Neuroscience is taught that empowers educators. Every participant will gain insight into the science behind how children learn and be given practical and proven skills to identify and re-engage students.

Advance Course

This Advanced Neural Education Institute offers graduate educators the opportunity to widen and deepen the neural lens that was introduced in Basic Neural Course. Concepts and techniques that were explored earlier will be honed and polished for application in the classroom.

NeuralCamps- Professional Learning Community ( PLC)

Join us for our monthly 2020-21 Neuralcamp - ALL educators are welcome! ​We look forward to partnering with you as we continue to connect neuroscience to teaching and learning. ​Each month we will explore a relevant and timely topic through presentations by Certified Neural Educators, discussion groups, and curated flipped-classroom resources.

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Training connects individual and organisational goals to help employees improve performance by building long term capabilities. Dynamic, collaborative and results focused performance is achieved through continuous development and practical application.

Pipaltree works with businesses that are keen to succeed ethically. Build Excellence and shape business for growth, success and profit whilst ensuring that the culture is built on core values.


Teachers are passionate advocates for driving transformative change to new generations. We believe that our children can have better lives and attain higher potential because of what we bring to the classroom. Today, more than ever, the plight of next generation children is in the hands of educators who are adapting to pandemic conditions, modern methodologies, and overcoming physical and psychological constraints that are very real.

Just-in-time, PipalTree Education Theory-into-Practice delivers a promise to teachers, students and parents—a promise that will not only get our young learners through a difficult crisis in the transition from classroom to virtual and/or hybrid systems, it will also lay foundational architecture in neuronal structures that enriches and invigorates every child’s life going forward. Breakthrough technologies have produced breakthrough insights into how the human brain works and how children learn; this, in turn, has lead to breakthrough methods and practices that are brain-based and employ pedagogic science of learning with a neural lens.

It is a pleasure to work with PipalTree, with Manjula and Vish as they bring fresh perspectives, brain-based models and up-to-the-minute methodologies to educators. Any support I can offer from Neural Education in Seattle is yours for asking.

Kieran O’Mahony, PhD, FRGS

Chairman, Neural Education

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