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The sought after Teachers Training course is here at last! This course is designed according to NCTE curriculum framework and guidelines. It is delivered by highly experienced Educators and is considered the premium Teacher training program. This course has been carefully created after through research in terms of latest skills, modern teaching approaches and innovative methods that can be used by a teacher to enhance or upgrade their teaching quality to engage 21st Century students.

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Mind Mapping workshop for teachers, students & working professionals

Harnessing the power of mind. You will learn how to make hand-drawn mind maps and how to use them for different applications for thinking, learning and communicating.

10 times faster in recall, extremely useful for visual and  kinesthetic learners, easy to understand complex topics and best tool for note taking, planning, problem solving  and decision making.


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High Impact teaching strategies & what it is all about?

The HITS – Faculty Enrichment training for teachers from PipalTree Education is a Year round program, aiming at comprehensive training for Teachers around, competencies and mindsets. This intervention is staggered around the academic calendar year. Each intervention is a TWO or THREE DAYS program, comprising ASSESSMENTS, NEED BASED WORKSHOPS, and CLASS ROOM OBSERVATIONS & PERFORMANCE REVIEW MEETINGS.
The Course / Module are carefully crafted keeping in mind a comprehensive teacher training program for improving the students’ outcome.


What makes the HITS program different?

10X Content

If students need X knowledge, then the Teachers should go to classroom with 10X Knowledge. We provide – Content, Videos & Reference books & links

Assessments of Teachers

Design and employ a variety of
assessment measures and
techniques, both formative and
summative ( Optional ) to form a more
complete picture of learning

Need Based Workshops

Once the Training Need Analysis is completed, the workshop are planned for relevant topics to fill the gaps.  This is a more meaningful approach rather than offer a random common topic for workshops.

Communicative English Language Program

Schools deal with English as a subject. A teacher should be equipped with the skill of English & communication that will launch the students into a brilliant life of exciting opportunities.

240 days of level based training with material including AV, fortnightly intervention by an Expert.

Classroom Observations & feedback

Classroom observations are done by our independent auditors to give a fair assessment on how the classroom delivery happens.  

Teaching Aids

We provide 5000 Plus Teaching Aid kits to the school, where teachers can use them effectively to deliver efficacy in Teaching -Learning exercise.  

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